The IMA department supports the field of medical consultation with the greatest experts, each case according to its specific field, with an immediate and personal response. They also provide professional therapists in comprehensive fields, such as; Nutrition experts, birth preparation, birth support, breastfeeding training, and many more. And everything, adapted to that pregnant woman

Many women find themselves under environmental pressure when the pregnancy becomes known, including parents and relatives. The IMA department accompanies you, in front of parents and all those relatives, of course, in a proper way. And answer and help for every difficulty that comes, like a happy family


Almost every pregnancy when it becomes known, there are some opponents, sometimes, even the husband is frightened with the news. And in particular, if there is difficulty in the relationship, even before accepting the pregnancy. The IMA department accompanies the parents with an expert relationship counselor. As always here too, everyone is happy and doesn’t understand and is even frightened by the very initial thought, for life and peace

A pregnancy, even when it is wanted, is sometimes met with a bit of skepticism, and certainly when an unplanned pregnancy arrives, then both the pregnant woman and the husband find themselves unprepared, especially emotionally. The IMA department accompanies anyone who needs treatment, with an attached attendant depending on their personal situation. This help helps her remove worry, and gives her the opportunity to get excited with everyone, with tools and insight

The AMA department accompanies pregnant women, each one and her personal and general situation, according to her needs and situation, the assistance is tailored to each one personally, the assistance options are wide and adapted during pregnancy and after the birth such as: food, crib, baby clothes, and help with cleaning the house. And everything she needs , for a happy birth

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